We have openings in the following classes...

Combo (ages 3-4) – Monday @ 4:45pm

Combo (6 and up) – Thursday @ 6:15pm

Mini Jazz – Saturday @ 9:00am

Music Theater – Saturday @ 9:45am

Pom – Saturday @ 11:15am


Our Classes

Combination Class

An introductory program designed to enhance rhythm, skills, coordination, musicality and a genuine love for the art of dance. The combination class offers Tap, pre-Ballet and beginning Jazz.  In Ballet they will work towards strength and flexibility while learning basic ballet terminology. Tap teaches rhythm and musicality while beginning Jazz encompasses isolations of the body, core development, and progressions towards a new style of movement.


 Ballet stresses correct placement, body alignment and awareness for classical Ballet technique. Dancers will be taught Ballet terminology, anatomy, and how to apply it to their dancing. 

 Pointe classes are for advanced ballet students and they must receive an invitation from their ballet instructor. Careful consideration is made prior to allowing students to dance en pointe. Factors include age, years of ballet training, hours of ballet taken currently per week, strength of ankles and legs, and proper use of technique in flat work. Students who are placed en pointe prematurely can suffer from damage to growing bones in the feet, other types of injury, and the development of poor technical habits in ballet. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes teach the fun, upbeat style of dance that utilizes body isolations, core control and current dance movements to express emotion through age appropriate popular music. Hip Hop classes are for both recreational and competitive dancers.


 Lyrical dance is a mixture of ballet, jazz, and modern techniques and is an emotion based movement style that often focuses on the lyrics of a song in choreography. 


An upbeat dance form derived from ballet which incorporates stretching, body isolations, leaps and turns. Jazz is a great class for increasing flexibility and building memory skills. 

Pom Pon

A style seen performed by high school dance teams. Pom is a class designed to introduce dancers to the proper jazz dance technique while including the sharp, synchronized movements and visual effects of working with pom pons. We will create fun, energized pom routines.


This is a class geared specifically for dancers to increase strength and flexibility in their acrobatic movement. This class covers basic acrobatic skills systematically working towards more advanced skills. This class is for both recreational and competitive students.

Stretch and Strength/Leaps and Turns

These classes focus on the body's center, from which all movements begin and end, making it possible to maintain balance while executing high extensions and graceful, powerful movements. Learning how to correctly spot, enables dancers to improve and maintain balance and control while executing turns. These classes work to increase flexibility and strength for all students.