March 2018

Miss Devon is coming!

Miss Devon will be here Sunday, February 25th.  The production tap group will practice from 1:00-3:00. Showstoppers will practice from 3:00-4:00. Seniors will practice from 3:00-5:00.  We may not need all the time, however block the time just in case.

Dance Starz

Congratulations to Harmony Williams and Acacia Hernandez.  Harmony has battled through an injury and continued to come to class to learn choreography.  She's back full force.  Acacia has a memory like no other.  She comes back week after week remembering all of new steps.  Thank you dancers for your hard work!

March Birthdays

Annaliese Cornell 9th

Ja'Keira Powell 15th

Zayden Beach 17th

Lucy Hanes 17th

Maria Estrada 20th

Olivia Gouge 28th

Caelor White 30th


Combo makeups are taken in the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.

The following classes makeup together...

Mon. 5:30 and Thurs. 5:00

Mon. 7:15 and Thurs. 5:00

Tues. 4:45 Janna and Mon. 5:30

Tues. 4:45 Brandy and Thurs. 6:00

Thurs. 6:00, Mon. 5:30 and Tues. 4:45 Janna

Ballet makeups can be taken anytime.

Wed. 4:30 makeups Wed. 6:15

Wed. 5:30 makeups Wed. 6:15/7:00

Wed. 6:15 makeups Wed. 5:30/ 7:00/Sat. 11:15

Wed. 7:00 makeups Wed. 5:30/Sat. 10:30/11:15

Sat. 10:30 makeups Wed. 7:00/Sat. 11:15

Sat. 11:15 makeups Wed. 5:30/6:15/7:00